Girlie Tan Swee Im

girlie1I have been a member of Penang State Symphony Orchestra & Chorus (PESSOC) since 2006. I have performed a few times for choral concerts but this is my first time involved in a contemporary opera.

My role in Conference of the Birds is playing the character of Heron, and the Valley of Bewilderment. The ugly effects of war are seen through the eyes of this wild and confused bird.

Contemporary music has opened up a whole new world of experience for me. I have learnt that singing the words by itself is incomplete without understanding, feeling and experiencing the meaning behind those words. This experience has taught me the valuable lesson of being as ONE with not only the words and music but also the emotions that make them so real.

As I get more and more involved in the preparation for the performance, I have learnt to ‘lose myself’ into the words and music, allowing them to carry me through the entire performance. Be ONE with them.

The most satisfying part of the entire experience is when I am whisked away into a faraway land, evolving into someone else as I sing with my heart and soul.

The most frustrating moments are when I lose connection with the words and music. My confused mind, my empty voice and my inability to visualise as well as to express emotions are effects of this lost connection.

The most valuable thing I will take away from this entire experience is the blossoming of new friendships amongst the performers. We have become….. FAMILY.


One Response to “Girlie Tan Swee Im”

  1. Great performance, Girlie. I am SO proud of you! 😀

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