Lim Chai May

herald 1I have been with PESSOC since 2007. My role in Conference of the Birds is to sing the Peacock – Valley of Detachment, and also to sing the Herald, who is the Guardian of the Door. I have found the opera very challenging, especially on the pitching. It requires lots of practice and focus, with the combination of movements and singing. But I have learned different styles and attitudes for the different characters. Plus the proper physical warm ups make me stronger, and I have developed my breathing techniques.

My favourite moment during rehearsal has been during rehearsals’ dinner break, when Elsie would share her healthy food with the rest of us. I love the eating, chatting, joking and laughing.

Apart from that, it is great when we have to do the whole scene 1 – 4 at one shot and get it right.

My worst moment ahs been falling sick and losing my voice. And of course, not being able to get my part right!



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