Oh Pei Ying

night 2I was first introduced to music when I was 6 years of age. Through private singing tutorials and piano lessons, my interest in this field blossomed. I was actively involved in both local and school choirs, and participated in various solo singing competitions. However, my previous singing repertoires were mostly traditional Chinese songs.

I will be acting the part of the Nightingale and the Valley of Love in the Conference of the Birds. The nightingale is very contented with life, and is thus unwilling to leave the comfort of the valley of love in search of the Simorgh.

Conference of the Birds is a great challenge for me, both physically and mentally.  The grueling physical training includes somersaults, back flips, jumps etc. Besides the intensive physicals, I have been introduced to another aspect of music, which involves disharmonic chords and cadences. As I was used to sweet melody lines, the music in itself has been a great eye opener.

This opera has helped me gain confidence in solo performance and also to be more atuned to fellow performers. I am able to explore various singing techniques and styles, thus discovering the hidden potential within myself. The most memorable moment for me is when all the scenes fall into place, and I see the whole beautiful picture of the opera. Although the occasional physical aches and bruises were discomfiting, the rewarding moments more than atone for it.

In a nutshell, Conference of the Birds has given me a new perspective in the art of music. I will always cherish these moments in my heart.


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