Philip T C Yeoh

philip 1My exposure to stage performance began in my high school and undergraduate years as a member of various school plays and choirs. After a long hiatus, in 2000 I began performing regularly as an amateur stage actor in plays by Shakespeare, Pirandello, Ayckbourn, Sartre’ and Usman Awang. Shortly before coming on board Conference of the Birds, I joined PESSOC and performed in the Chorus for Promusica 2009.

I play the Hawk/Valley of the Quest in the Conference. The seemingly-mighty Hawk confronts his own journey as he joins the birds’ search for the Simorgh, the mythical and mysterious One who is to be their king.

Very much like the Hawk, I found Conference to be my own remarkable journey and milestone as a live performance artiste.

This production stands out in its exacting music score and the rigorous production values of our Directors, Sek Thim and Johan. Thrust into an unfamiliar territory of an apparently atonal music score, multiple one-voice harmony parts and having to use my body more as dancer than actor, I often had to ‘empty my cup’ of prior live performance experience so that I may embrace what I must be as Hawk/Quest.

I was also strenuously tested in my aural ability, vocal technique, music sense and even stagecraft. But at the same time, my favorite moments in this show are those when I catch an insight into my artistic ‘blind spots’ as they are exposed in this testing. Rigorous as this production has been, it did not mean I didn’t enjoy my time with my fellow players. Over our six months in here, we have grown together as performers and also closer to each other. I found friendships in the Conference which are likely to be life-long.

Along with a new depth of experience and appreciation for what I love to do.


4 Responses to “Philip T C Yeoh”

  1. hahaha…. yes, that’s me before a shower after a few hours of rolling on the floor at Panggung Sasaran, USM! ;D

  2. Do you drive a harley davidson? Philip, i faintly remember you as one of my classmates in PFS 1971-1977. If you are that Philip, then i must say its great to see that with maturity of age, you actually look very good indeed.

  3. yes, Zul. i’m he and i do remember you too. it’s good to be in touch again!

    but unfortunately, the T-shirt’s as far as i’ve gotten to owning a Harley-Davidson ;D

  4. Hi Philip! It’s wonderful to see that you are still actively involved in the performing arts. “Conference of the Birds” appears to be a great title for this opera/drama as it would be simply catastrophic if it were to be entitled : ” Conference of the Bird Brains!!!” Hee hee! Sorry I’m being cheeky. All the best to you in the coming production. Will try to come. Be blessed. BTW you do look the part! Ha ha! Best regards.

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