Sharlene Kumaravellu

sharlene 1Although I have previously performed in Tunku, under Joe Hasham’s direction, this is my first time joining a contemporary opera. I had to work extra hard as I entered 5/6 months after rehearsals started. Adapting to the different styles of singing and acting has been rather challenging.

I have two rather contrasting roles. The Finch is rather schizophrenic; sudden shifts of emotions may occur even in a short passage. The Valley of Poverty has a very poised character and does not have any mercy on the sufferings the birds are facing.

I’ve learnt many different approaches in singing and how theater singing is totally different from the conventional opera. It truly is an eye opener. As an individual, I have gained more self-confidence in myself and the opera has taught me some important lessons in life.

What has been your favourite moment in Conference of the Birds? I think every moment is unique! It teaches you something new and different. I learn something new from almost every rehearsal which makes it even fun to be part of it.

What has been your worst moment? The moment of adaptation. Thank goodness everybody was understanding and patient.


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