Tan Jin Yin

hoopoe 3 I started learning singing at the age of  6 under the tutelage of Mr. Chin Loke Chun in Penang and has participated in various competitions and music camps. Currently studying Management in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

In 2003, I sang in Turandot, an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini, as part of the chorus. I joined PESSOC in 2007 and participated in performances with the choir.

I’m singing as Hoopoe in Conference of the Birds. As far as i know, Hoopoe is a very small restless bird with crown-like feathers. The ‘crown’ and as well as an allegory of  Sufi sheikh, have given Hoopoe the urge to lead the birds to a journey. Besides, Hoopoe is a strong strategist as he has to think some ways to persuade the birds to go on journey with him.

Since the beginning of the Conference of the Birds, I’ve always looking forward to every rehearsal as this is the moment where I can go through another wonderful and memorable journey. This is my first time come in contact with contemporary music and actually singing in one. At first, I was a bit surprised when I hear the music and doubted whether I can really sing with the music. The process had not been easy. However, after gone through long rehearsals under guidance of Mr Chee and Mr Johan, I finally able to catch up and sing while doing the movements. Certainly have learnt a lot from them especially singing in contemporary music and how to convey the message on stage to the audiences. Hope the show will be successful!


2 Responses to “Tan Jin Yin”

  1. Jin Yin, All the best !

  2. Thanks Irene! Are you going to watch the workshop?

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